Matt Devine is a registered architect with a passion for architecture, design, community, history and travel. He studied architecture and heritage conservation at the University of Sydney and has worked across a wide spectrum of the architecture and heritage conservation industries in Sydney, Australia. As a result, Matt has a broad understanding of Australian architecture and architectural history, and especially the past, current and future development of Sydney. He was part of the curatorial team for a recent exhibition at the State Library of NSW titled Imagine a City: 200 years of Public Architecture in NSW focusing on the 200 year history of the NSW Government Architect’s Office (now known as the Office of the Government Architect). He works as a Senior Strategic Planner at the City of Sydney and also teaches heritage conservation at the University of Sydney and is an occasional tour guide with Context Travel.
Over the past 25 years, Matt Devine has been involved in architectural and conservation projects, working in small – medium size commercial architectural practices, as well as the National Trust of Australia (NSW) and the Australian Institute of Architects. Until 2017, he was employed as an architect and heritage specialist within the NSW Government Architect’s Office.
Established in 2017, MATT DEVINE & CO is specialist consultancy with a focus on architecture, heritage
conservation, strategic planning, design review, research and academia.
Recent projects have involved the conservation of, alterations and additions to, and management of heritage buildings and landscapes across NSW.
Key areas of expertise include:
  • project co-ordination and management
  • architectural design and documentation
  • strategic thinking and collaboration
  • key stakeholder engagement
  • exhibition content development
  • condition assessment, including historic stonework
  • heritage planning, legislation and controls, policy and management
  • development assessment
  • investigation and recording of historic buildings and landscapes
  • heritage colour schemes and interpretation
  • historic research
  • interpersonal skills

Contact: 0417244454 /

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